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Tiki Weejee Board with Planchette

Tiki Weejee Board with Planchette

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Whether you want to summon a great tropical drink and sunny weather, or the spirit of someone on the other side, this tiki spirit board is a design for Aaron Sagers and his Geeky Creepy Tiki Travels brand. Featuring tasteful homages to Polynesian and Spiritualism cultures, it combines a celebration of life and fascination with the afterlife. Along with being art, it does serve as a spirit board — although we can't be held responsible if you open a portal to parties. The Tiki Weejee comes in a blueish "Ice" variant and reddish-orange "Fire" variant.

The 11"x14" boards are made of 1/8" High Density Fiberboard/Hardboard, which is a high-quality composite material thinner and denser than regular particle board. It is composed of wood fibers which are compressed and bonded together with resin under high pressure and high heat, creating an incredibly strong material. The planchette is a laser engraved stained and sealed 1/8" Baltic Birch wood, with protective felt on the bottom to glide smooth across the board surface.

(A note about spirit boards: Before the "Ouija" brand name was introduced in 1890, talking boards were in use by 1848 among Spiritualists, and became more popular in the wake of the American Civil War. Talking boards — or "spirit boards" — eventually were fashionable in households for those who wished to hold their own seances, or for parlor game use. Despite more of a bogeyman reputation that emerged surrounding the boards following The Exorcist film in 1973, it is our philosophy the boards themselves are simply a tool or decoration, and neither inherently good nor bad. They are simply objects. Like a smartphone or even a hammer, it is up to the user to determine how they intend to use the tool.)

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